The Sophia Community, believing and acting on the statement from Scripture that “What ever you do to the least of my brothers or sisters, you do to me,” is committed to reaching out to the poor and marginalized. The description, “poor and marginalized,” may be interpreted in multiple ways.

Our initial outreach is to those Catholics who feel, for whatever reason, marginalized by our Official Church. We provide a home of welcome, an ear to listen, and a heart of love, for each person who comes to the Community. We repeatedly experience healing, joy, and unity, among those who come, and a consequent desire to reach out to others.

Our outreach to others has taken two primary forms:

Pathways to Prosperity

We have committed to support Pathways 2 Prosperity in Sussex County whose vision is “To develop the capacities of adults and children to sustain healthy lifestyles by providing services designed to foster addiction-free lifestyles, emotional wellness, financial stability and safe communities. Our support is both monetary – with regular donations, and practical – with members of our Sophia Community volunteering time and expertise to Pathways to Prosperity – a campaign to end poverty.

Read about Pathways to Prosperity at:


Here is an example of what Sophia has done for Pathways for Prosperity


CNN visited Circles (now Pathways to Prosperity) to tell the story of a group that was finding its way out of poverty.  Please take a look at the clip and see how Sophia is answering Jesus call to take care of those most in need.


Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community

The Sophia Community also supports, by monthly donations, the Good Shepherd Inclusive Catholic Community in Ft. Myers, Florida. Good Shepherd ministers specifically to the homeless, under the pastoral leadership of Dr. Judith Lee, Roman Catholic Women Priest. Members of Sophia have visited Good Shepherd, where a warm welcome has been extended. Pictures and commentaries on Good Shepherd’s activities keep us, in New Jersey, up to date about our brothers and sisters in Florida.

Sparta Community Food Pantry

Home | The Sparta Community Food Pantry (thespartacommunityfoodpantry.com)

The Sophia Community Supports the Food Pantry with both a monthly monetary contribution and the contribution of food items brought by Community members.

To iew the hours of operation, please visit the Food Pantry’s website. The most common food needs are peanut butter, breakfast cereal, oatmeal, soup, protein items, and desserts. Volunteers are needed for sorting foods on a seasonal basis. (Some heaving lifting is required.)


Refugee Assistance Morris Partners

Refugee Assistance Morris Partners (RAMP) seeks to assist families currently held in Middle Eastern refugee camps to transition to productive lives of dignity, safety, and hope in the Morris County area of New Jersey.


Situational Outreach

As needs and emergency actions become appropriate, the Sophia Community offers its prayers and also joins people around the world in contributing to disaster relief. After the Earthquake in Haiti, the decision was made to contribute to both Catholic Relief Services and Doctors Without Borders. The earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis in Japan, elicited a similar response.

Haiti Japan