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Due to COVID-19 we are cancelling all our lihttp://www.biblestudytools.com/msg/turgies.  We will have liturgies video conferenced by Zoom.  

If you would like to connect with us email Corso_mike@yahoo.com.

Sophia Inclusive Community Celebrates Black History Month February 21, 2021

During Black History Month, Sophia community continues to engage in learning more about religions, religious practices and spirituality within the Black community.  While our focus has been on those practicing Christianity, we also recognize there is an ever-present, and now growing change among young Black people in the U.S.

While Christianity is the major religion among person’s identifying as “Black,” a number of studies have shown that 20%-30% of people who identify as young & Black say they either have never attended church, or do not do so any longer and/or are not even sure about what they believe spiritually. Some of these young Black people might be described as “spiritual seekers” – others as “spiritual but not religious” – but no matter what label we might try to give them, there is one commonality – and that is that these are young BLACK people – and, as we are well aware of – theirs is also a journey directly connected to the effects of racism in the U.S.

Music artist, songwriter, entrepreneur, CEO of Ill Entertainment LLC, Podcaster, racial justice advocate, community supporter, recipient of Clarity Foundation Honor, invited member of the NORWESCAP Board …Scott Paul is this and so much more! Check him out on IG & FB @scottpaulii. We are fortunate to have with us Scott Paul who will share with us his thoughts and reflections in his spiritual journey as a young man of color.


We are also grateful to have with us Lynette Sheard to sing our closing song Imagine. Lynette is a multi-talented and versatile vocalist with a fiveoctave range and perfect pitch. She acts, produces, directs and is vocal coach. Her performances have been acknowledged in numerous publications including, The NY Times, Broadway World, The Record, Hot House, The Patch and The Chronicle. The Star Ledger proclaimed that, “Her voice reaches deep into one’s soul and finds a soft spot”.



We are  a welcoming, inclusive community practicing the discipleship of equals found in early church communities. All gifts are honored and all gifts are offered in service to the People of God. In each of our lives, we seek to bring the joy, light, compassion and peace of Jesus to those around us, especially to those most in need.

Our liturgies serve as an alternative to the regular celebration of Mass experienced in most parishes.  Please Join us!  Come and See!

Liturgy is celebrated every Sunday at 10am, at The Center, 65 Newton Sparta Road, Newton, NJ.

On the second Sunday of the month we celebrate at 4:30 pm at St Mark’s Lutheran Church, 100 Harter Road, Morristown, NJ.